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Musicians love biergarten, too

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The summer finally arrived in Franconia and it is time to visit some of our beautiful biergarten. And I’m not alone.

“The National” having a break in a bavarian biergarten

It seThe National in a biergarten in Regensburg, Bavariaems that some musicians make some good use of their time between the gigs, when they are in southern germany. One of my favorite bands “The National” recently posted a pic at facebook, having some craft beer in a beautiful biergarten in Regensburg. Do you know if they sing about biergartens in one of their songs? If not, I think they should do it next time – hope they read my posting…



Norwegian band loves biergarten tables

The norwegian party animals from KAKKMADDAFAKKA gave an interview to our local newspaper during their stay in Nuremberg at the Rock im Park festival.

They talked about biergarten tables and said they love them (me too!!). For them it is typical german and perfect for a good chat and the tables have just the right width to kiss a girl (new aspect, but they are right, never thought about it to bring this in conjunction with the table size; thought always it was our great franconian beer)

Kakkmaddafakka loves german biergarten

Foto: Thomas Becker

If you wanna check out some of nurembergs best biergartens yourself, a local newspaper just posted their top 10  biergarten in Nuremberg.

Unfortunately it is in german, and I don’t share their list completely. But following biergarten are worth a visit:

  •  “Kulturgarten” formerly “KOMM-Biergarten” close to the main station and directly at the castle wall. Very nice located.
  • “Kopernikusbiergarten” at the Krakauer Turm, which is also a cultural centre and emphasize the partnership between Cracow / Kraków and Nuremberg. Good polish food and Schnitzel
  • “Schnepperschuetz” – beautiful location, great food and beverage (I would say with a slow food & drink attitude). And I think only locals know what kind of building it has been before…

If you are searching for a nice biergarten outside the historic centre, I would recommend

  • “Schanzenbräu” in Nuremberg – Gostenhof; with the favorite craft beer from our town
  • “Engel” in Nuremberg – Schoppershof; with Schaueferle day on Wednesday (a real franconian speciality, great – if you love meat!)
  • “Desi” – in Nuremberg – St. Johannis; nice location with showing movies in an open air theatre at summertime or host alternative music concerts

If you you are interested in the whole open air movie program check:

Hope you enjoy a couple of handcrafted beers in your favorite biergarten. Recommendations from your side always welcome!

This time short post, I have to go to the biergarten…



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