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Poster Exhibition: “100 beste Plakate 12” at Neues Museum, Nuremberg

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I salute you poster lovers,

I made good use of my summer break and visited some nice exhibitions.

The most interesting one for poster geeks like me was the “100 beste Plakate 12” exhibition at the beautiful “Neues Museum” in Nuremberg (

Poster Exhibition in Nuremberg

Poster Exhibition in Nuremberg

The poster show is a yearly competition, which awards the best poster artwork in german speaking countries. They are touring across Germany, Austria and Switzerland and can been seen in various cities. If you are interested in their work, check out the official website:

There you can find the different exhibition stops, but also the award-winners from previous years.


I took photos from some of my favorites and was lucky to see, that at least one gigposter artist was represented: Märt Infanger from Switzerland!

If you want to see more from Märt’s art, visit his homepage

100 beste Plakate

Märt Infanger

Also the posters for the Reeperbahn Festival were awarded. Maybe some of you saw them already in Hamburg. I guess some of you visited at least the Flatstock Europe Poster Convention.

But in my opinion the gigposter scene in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has much more to offer. So next time more artist & screenprinters should apply for that competition. Maybe I give Douze from Dresden a hint. Pretty sure that he will compete successfully with his beautiful poster!



Hope you enjoy the photos




Award winner Theater Erlangen





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