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5 Seidlas Steig

Small hikes with great beer (-garden)

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Besides craft beer and gigposters (and football!!) hiking is one of my passions. But with a couple of small kids, the hikes are not that long at the moment, and focus is on beauty of the hike and available biergarten & craft beer along the way. So I will post some of my recommendations from time to time.


We start with a small hike from Weissenohe to Gräfenberg. It is either a 30min ride from Nuremberg up to the North. Or you take the train (Gräfenberg Bahn) wich took about one hour (but good investment, when you make use of the many nice biergarten around therer).


Either you do directly a first stop at the monastery brewery in Weissenohe or you pass it by and climb up the hill towards Gräfenberg. After a short walk through the forest, you reach the hill and have already a nice view about the fränkische Schweiz (franconian Switzerland).


The “5 Seidlas Steig”  (brewery hiking route)


You pass by some old cherry trees and then go down the hill towards Gräfenberg. It is the first section of the “5 Seidlas Steig”, a hiking trail which connects 5 breweries and is in total about 15km (for more details check: ). The plates for the trail are very good and you can hardly get misrouted. Arriving in Gräfenberg you should visit the Biergarten Bergschlösschen. It is high above the town and you have a beautiful view over the whole valley and can even see Nuremberg at the horizon. They have the Friedmann beer, I prefer the Helles. In Gräfenberg itself you can visit also the Lindenbräu Brewery with a small biergarten and a kind of brewery pub. All beers are really nice, but for me the Pilsener is the most stunning one (Whereas a lot of other people prefer the Vollbier).


Depends on the kids and yourself to continue the walk (2 more very breweries are waiting – Brauerei Hofmann and Elch Bräu), or you can take the train back to Nuremberg directly from Gräfenberg.

Enjoy your trip, and more hikes to come





View to the monastery in Weissenohe

View to the monastery in Weissenohe

The monastry brewery in Weissenohe

The brewery sign

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