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Why gigposters & craft beer?

19. Mai 2013 von admin | Keine Kommentare

well, the first and shortest answer is: I’m addicted to both!

The screenprints are a beautiful opportunity to collect affordable art. And I will provide you in the upcoming posts with some examples how much craftsmanship you can find in music posters.

In the US there are not only some single artists that are using screen prints and music poster as an expression for their art, but it’s a whole movement. You can explore hundreds of artists on the web, at different exhibitions and galleries (online & offline) and even in several documentaries (such as ‘Just like being there’ or ‘American artifact’).

And this movement is coming to Europe! You can explore this at the Flatstock Europe or some other exhibitions on the old continent. In addition to this, more and more gigposter artists are established in Europe and coming from Germany, UK and Spain.

Furthermore I see a lot of parallels between the craft beer scene and the screen printing scene. From a European point of view – and especially from a German perspective – this might sound a little bit bizarre. But when you take a closer look – what started in the US and now spill over the ocean – you will see that both movements started from an alternative living form and point out the craftsmanship of their doing. They live the thoughts about the community either in sharing ideas (ore recipes), try out new things and share the experiences either at real events or via the web.

Just to underline this connection I share some pics with you, were some of the best gigposter artists made some prints with craft beer in it.


This beautiful print is from Dan Grzeca, you still might get it in his webshop Alle Bilder anschauen →

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